Rules and Regulations


           The South Bay Inline Hockey League, Inc. was established in 2021. South Bay Inline Hockey League (SBIHL) would like to be tops in organization and communication, as well as giving that personal touch that no other league can match. However, it is due to the solid base of loyal players as well as the continuing resource of new players that makes this league what it is and will be today and in the future. We thank all of our players in advance for their support. In return, the SBIHL will do its very best to make this a fun experience for you.



The team captains are responsible for their players on and off the rink. You will keep relations with the league in the following areas, but not limited to:

1.  Fair play theory. Players playing in divisions that they are arguably too good for. While there may be teams that have player(s) arguably too good for the level, SBIHL will attempt to control what would be considered a fair amount, based on the overall skill level of that particular team as well as the other teams in the division to keep the division competitive from top to bottom. League discretion.

2.  Please check with the scorekeeper prior to the game and verify which team is on the visitor or home bench, which player(s) may have been issued suspensions, owe money, or notification of uniform or player number corrections.

3.  If you plan on bringing out a substitute player due to the lack of active players on your team, you must notify the SBIHL at least 24 hours prior to the game, and supply the player with correct jersey color and permanently attached unique number.  No new players during final 5 games of the regular 10 game season unless approved by the SBIHL.

4.  Pick up the score sheet and distribute any literature to all members of your squad. Notify players as to whether or not they may be suspended at the following game.

5.  Notify players of game schedule change. The SBIHL will attempt to notify you in a reasonable amount of time; it is then your responsibility to notify your team. Issues such as rain and condensation issues may be last minute and contacting may not happen in a timely manner.

6.  KNOW THIS POLICY BOOK. Explain all league policies to your players and have your player read these policies. We will never accept a protest based on not knowing or not being told the rules.

7.  You must attempt to control the conduct of your players and the spectators that have come to watch your team. If the conduct of spectators or players are deemed unruly, the team captain will be given a warning to help control their players and fans. If a second warning is issued, the team will be given a minor unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. If conduct continues, it will result in an expulsion of players/spectators and a forfeiture of the game. While we realize as a team captain, you cannot control what a player does or says, the SBIHL will communicate with you disciplinary actions that will be taken against your player(s) for their actions. The SBIHL will hold the team captains to a higher standard.


1.1 - ROSTER SIZE: Teams paying by team fee may roster up to 15 skaters in a 4 on 4 division and 18 skaters in a 5 on 5 division. The league will not add players unless requested. Teams that choose NOT to pay by team fee must attempt to fill their roster to a minimum of 10 skaters + goalie in the 4 on 4 divisions and a minimum of 12 skaters + a goalie in the 5 on 5 divisions. South Bay Inline will add skaters off the waiting list to individually paying teams who do not meet roster requirements. Skaters must be 18 years old or older to play in any division. Exception, goalies may be 17 years old and playing in their appropriate skill division with league approval.  Goalies in the 40+ division do not need to be 40+, a goalie may play in the 40+ division as long as they are at least 17 years of age.

1.2 - ADD DEADLINE: No new players may be added to a roster after game 5. Players must skate a minimum of 1 game in the teams first 5 games to be eligible to play in the second half of the season.  Being on the roster and registered does not qualify if they haven't played in any of the first 5 games. Only the league may add players after the 5th game deadline once it is determined the players will have no significant impact in any game. A team MUST contact the league, requesting approval.

1.3 - ROSTER MISC: Players who have outstanding balances from a previous season(s) will not be allowed to be rostered until such balance is paid in full or serve any suspension carry over from the previous season(s).

1.4 – PLAYER RATINGS AND ROSTER PARITY: Players will internally be rated by the SBIHL. Players will be rated in each Division as a Level A, Level B or Level C player. In the best interest of Fair Play, teams at ALL levels will be allowed to roster a maximum of one (1) “Level A” player and two (2) “Level B” players or zero (0) “Level A” players and four (4) “Level B” players. The league has the right to rerate a player at the end of each season. (note: this rating policy is not in effect this season, although it’s not open divisions either)

1.5 - INELIGIBLE PLAYERS: Any player attempting to play while suspended will cause their team to lose by forfeiture. Any team using a non-registered player without first notifying the league office may cause their team to lose by forfeiture and suspension of Team Captain. All players are required to have picture identification such as a valid Drivers License at all times and must present it to a League official if requested. If the player cannot supply a valid identification, then that player will be deemed ineligible to play.

1.5a – A player cannot play on 2 teams in the same division with the exception of a goalie, who may sub for another team in the same division. Skaters cannot play for other teams in the same division (ie: subbing). This pertains to all divisions, including COED. COED teams cannot ask other female skater(s) from another team to sub for their team, even if it's to prevent a forfeit.

1.6 – SUBSTITUTE GOALIES: A team in need of a substitute goalie may only use a goalie that is at the same level or below that level. A goalie from the level above cannot sub down a level unless it is approved by the league. A sub goalie list will be provided to team captains as to which goalies they can call upon. If no goalie can play, the team would skate with an extra skater.

1.7 - ROSTERED GOALIE: A rostered goalie CANNOT skate out for the team under any circumstances. A skater may be a goalie, in the event their rostered goalie cannot make the game.


2.1 - SYSTEM: South Bay Inline Hockey League approved referees will be used in the two man system. Each referee has linesman duties, and each may call penalties. League video may be used after the game to help referees confirm penalties and additional penalties may be assessed upon further review of the video. Scorekeepers are considered an off ice 3rd official. The scorekeeper will be allowed to assist the referees with any additional penalties during an altercation. Abuse of ANY kind toward the referees, scorekeepers, or rink employees are subject to further discipline including suspension. THIS WILL BE STRONGLY ENFORCED.


 3.1 - ABUSE OF LEAGUE OFFICIALS & STAFF (Zero Tolerance): Verbal and physical abuse of League officials & staff will not be tolerated. There will be no warnings. Verbal abuse to an official during a game may result in 10-minute misconduct penalty and a game misconduct. If a player continues abusing an official or staff after a game is over, additional game misconducts will be given. (NO MAXIMUM SUSPENSIONS).

Any physical abuse to a League official and/or staff i.e. (fisticuffs, throwing or shooting any objects...) by a player will be suspended from the league indefinitely.

3.2 - HARMFUL, HATEFUL, INSENSITIVE AND CONTROVERSIAL REFERENCES: A player or person directing verbal abuse references towards another player or persons race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion or belief, age or disability will receive a minimum of a Game Misconduct and 1 game suspension with review.

SECTION 4 – PENALTIES (ONLY major, match, intent and game misconduct penalties will be reviewed via League video**) **While technology is a great thing, it is not always 100% reliable. In the event the video does not capture an incident being reviewed, the officials call(s) on the rink will stand.

4.1 - FIGHTING: Fighting is zero tolerance. This includes any altercation on or off the premises involving league players. Players should remember that the Rink is located within a public area, therefore any misconduct may lead not only to expulsion from the League but also, possible ARREST by local law enforcement. A player receiving a fighting major will be suspended a minimum of 3 games. A second major fight in the same season will bring an automatic season ending suspension with review for reinstatement into the league. Any suspension will carry over to the following season of play. NO REFUNDS!

4.2 - DROPPING OF GLOVES WITH THE APPEARANCE TO FIGHT: Regardless of contact with another player, the dropping of a players gloves will result in a penalty. (Referee’s discretion)

4.3 - THIRD MAN IN: A game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player who is the first to intervene in an altercation already in progress (regardless of their intent). Additional penalties or possible suspensions may result from lack of compliance from direction of referees or league officials. This includes players on the players bench and in the penalty box.

4.4 - INSTIGATING AN ALTERCATION: Any player who is deemed to have instigated an altercation, will receive a game misconduct and a minimum 1 game suspension in addition to the 3 game suspension if a fighting major is also assessed.

4.5 - LEAVING THE BENCH: Any player who was not on the rink surface when an altercation breaks out and leaves the bench, penalty box or even so much as to place a skate on the rink surface during an altercation, will receive a game misconduct and a minimum 1 game suspension, regardless if they actually get involved in an altercation.

4.6 - 10 MINUTE MISCONDUCT: No suspension. Excessive 10-minute misconducts may be cause for suspensions. (League discretion)

4.7 - GAME MISCONDUCTS:          

FIRST OFFENSE automatic 1 game suspension.

SECOND OFFENSE automatic 2 game suspension.

THIRD OFFENSE automatic season suspension and review from League board.

All penalties and suspensions will carry over to the next season.

4.8 - MAJOR PENALTIES (with the exception of Fighting):

FIRST OFFENSE Major penalty and game misconduct and a minimum 1-game suspension. (Players with a penalty history will be more strictly reviewed).

SECOND OFFENSE Major penalty and game misconduct and minimum 2-game suspension. No maximum suspension. (Referee’s discretion) NO REFUNDS.

4.9 - INTENT TO INJURE or MATCH PENALTIES: League board review. No maximum suspension, it is up to League discretion. NO EXCEPTIONS/NO REFUNDS. All decisions by officials are final. (see Disciplinary Review for players rights)

4.10 - CHECKING: South Bay Inline Hockey League is a non-checking league. If a player “checks” an opposing player (intentional or unintentional), the referees may penalize the offending player with a roughing/checking minor, double roughing minor or major roughing.

4.11 - GAME "REMOVAL": Four (4) minors incurred during any one game will result in an automatic game “removal”. A 10 minute misconduct is equivalent to 2 minors. (example: 2 minors and a 10 minute misconduct = 4 minors and an automatic game removal). (Game removal means removed from game in progress with no further penalty minutes.) See section 4.13 - Excessive Penalty Minutes for additional reduced minors per game under the Tier system.


TIER 1: Players incurring a total of 24 minutes during any one season, including playoffs, will be suspended for one (1) game. Their maximum minor penalty per game rule will be reduced from 4 to 3.

TIER 2: Players incurring a total of 30 minutes during any one season, including playoffs, will be suspended for one (1) game. Their maximum minor penalty per game rule will be reduced from 3 to 2.

TIER 3: Players incurring a total of 36 minutes during any one season, including playoffs, will be review by the League board as to the extent of further suspensions and/or fines.

4.14 - Total penalty minutes WILL carry over to the playoffs and a player will still be subjected to suspension if any of the total penalty minutes levels are reached. 

4.15 - RECORDED PENALTY MINUTES: For stat purposes, the following is how penalty minutes are added up (though a minor penalty during running time is served for 3 minutes and a major is 7 minutes, the stats will be calculated at 2 and 5 respectively):

Minor penalty during running or stopped time                     = 2 minutes

Major or Match penalty during running or stopped time        = 5 minutes

10 minute misconducts at any time                                      = 10 minutes

Game Misconducts at any time                                           = 10 minutes

4.16 - SUBJECT TO DISMISSAL LIST: Any player who received excessive penalty minutes, misconducts, or majors in the previous season, will be placed on the subject to dismissal list. Players may also be placed on the BAD BOYZ LIST which may cause them to start at the second offense major assessment.


5.1 - SUSPENSION APPEAL: A player suspended under any of the above circumstances, may appeal their suspension in writing within 24 hours of the end of their offending game, by submitting a letter (or email to the leagues Board of Directors. The League may or may not request the player to appear in front of the Board of Directors. If the Board of Directors decides to overturn or reduce the suspension and/or fines, the player will be notified. Suspension will be in effect for playoffs and will carry over to the following season. If a player who has games still to serve for their suspension and does not continue the following season, the player will not be allowed to rejoin the league until their suspension is fulfilled. 

5.2 - SUB PLAYER SUSPENDED: Any substitute player/goalie who is suspended will be suspended for the required subsequent games following the game in which that player was suspended and also be required to pay a fine of $20 per game suspended before being allowed to play again. If the league deems the sub was a "one and done" type sub, then the league may suspend the Team Rep for the amount of games intended for the sub player. This sub player will not be allowed to play while the team rep is suspended and be required to pay a $20 per game suspended before returning.

5.3 - SUSPENSION MISC: If a player is suspended, that player may not substitute on another team until the suspension is served. If they are rostered on another team as a full time player, they are allowed to play for that team.


6.1 - HELMET & FACE SHIELD: The league requires the use of HECC approved hockey helmets and strongly recommends the use of full facial coverage protection.

6.2 - Players choosing to wear less than FULL Face protection who are cut (bleeding), injured due to an unintentional act (Ex: High sticking penalties), may not bring a misconduct penalty or suspension to the opposing player. (Referee’s discretion)

6.3 - Helmet straps are required to be properly fastened and when wearing a full face cage, helmet straps AND full face cage straps are required to be properly fastened. Once you are caught in violation of this rule, you MUST have the violation corrected or you will NOT be allowed to play in any games until the violation is corrected.


7.1 - START TIME: Posted start time is game START TIME or DROP OF THE PUCK. 5 minute warm up time may begin before scheduled game time or reduced or eliminated to attempt to get back "on schedule". Always be ready to be on the rink 5 minutes prior to your posted game time.

7.2 - The referees and scorekeeper have the authority to start and stop the clock under their discretion at any time during a game. The clock does not automatically start and stop during an altercation, injury or officials discussion to sort out penalties.


1st and 2nd periods 15 MINUTES

     (14:30 running time with final :30 stopped time)

3rd period 15 MINUTES

     (12:00 running time with final 3:00 stopped time**) 

One (1) :30 TIME-OUT during regulation allowed. NO time-outs allowed in Overtime.

7.4 - **A FIVE GOAL or more spread during the last 3 minutes of the 3rd period is cause for running time...with no stopped time regardless if goal spread becomes less than 5 goals during that time. The referees have the discretion to stop the clock due to injury, equipment failure or repair. The clock is not stopped during an altercation. It is up to the discretion of the referees to stop the clock during the course of the game, where running time is in effect. The referees also have the right to call for running time or end the game if they feel the game is becoming unsafe.

7.5 - OVER TIME PERIOD: One (1) 3-minute running time Sudden Death Overtime. The 5 on 5 divisions will skate 4 on 4 and the 4 on 4 divisions will skate 3 on 3 in the overtime. If no team scores, the game is called a “tie”. With the exception of Playoffs where a game must be decided, after the 3 minute overtime and no one scores the game is decided by a 3-man shoot-out.


8.1 - QUALIFYING AND PLAYOFF FORMATS: At the end of the regular season, a playoff format will be derived, based on the number of teams in the division. All series are 1 game. In a 4 team division - Top 3 teams will play this format: 2nd vs 3rd semi final game. Winner plays 1st place in final. In a 5 team division - Top 4 teams will play this format: 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd semi final games. Winners play in final. In a 6 and 7 team division - Top 5 teams will play this format: 4th vs 5th wildcard game, winner will play the 1st place team in a semi final game. 2nd vs 3rd in the other semi final game and with winners of those pairings playing each other in the finals. In an 8+ team division - Playoff format to be determined.

8.2 - PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: TEAM FEE PAID TEAMS - Skaters (not goalies) must play in a minimum of 4 games to be eligible for Playoffs.

INDIVIDUALLY PAID PLAYER TEAMS - Substitute players must play in a minimum of 4 games AND pay $20 for each playoff game. Individual full seasoned paid players must play in at least 1 game and are not charged for playoff games.

8.3 - TIE BREAKER: Should teams finish in a tie in the standings, the following tie breaking system will be implemented to determine the higher place:


     1. Total wins in the season.

     2. Head to head record.

     3. Goal differential in games between tied team(s).

     4. Fewest penalty minutes - Full season total.

     5. Goal differential - Full season total.

     6. Least goals allowed - Full season total.

     7. Coin flip.

8.4 - Playoff will use the same game lengths as in the regular season with a shoot-out after the 5 minute running time 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 overtime period. If there still is a tie after the overtime period, a three player shoot-out will take place to determine winner.

8.5 - SHOOT-OUT (Playoffs Only): Each team will choose 3 players to take one shot at the opposing goaltender. Teams will alternate shooters. The home team will choose which team will shoot first. A player gets 1 shot on net, once the shot is taken the players turn is over. A player cannot shoot in a rebound (that would be considered a 2nd shot). If after the initial 3 player shoot-out there is still a tie, a sudden death shoot-out will be implemented. All players must shoot once before a player may shoot twice. Once the team with the fewer amount of players has gone through every player, the opposing team may also begin to repeat their shooters. If the team shooting first scores in the sudden death shoot-out, the opposing team will be allowed to shoot to tie. If the team scores, the sudden death continues, if the team misses, the team shooting first wins. In the Coed division, a female player must be the first shooter on each side. After the female shooter has shot, the above shoot out rules apply.


9.1 - MINIMUM PLAYERS: For the 5 on 5 divisions, a team must have at least 3 skaters and 1 goalie OR 4 skaters on the surface at the drop of the puck or a forfeit for the offending team will occur. For the 4 on 4 divisions, a team must have at least 2 skaters and 1 goalie OR 3 skaters on the surface at the drop of the puck or a forfeit for the offending team will occur.

9.2 - If a team forfeits, only players on the forfeiting team that show up and check in with the scorekeeper will get credit for game played (this comes into play for playoff eligibility). A player does not have to dress and get on the surface, but check in with the scorekeeper and get "marked off" as in attendance. The team on the receiving end of the forfeit, all players on the roster will be credited with game played without having to "check in".

9.3 - RESULTS FROM A FORFEIT: A teams that forfeits with be given a 1-0 loss and the goal will be credited to the "bench" of the winning team. A 2nd forfeit by the same team in the same season the league will attempt to add the necessary amount of players to prevent such incident from happening again, even if that means rostering over 15 players of any skill level.


10.1 - A substitute is defined as any player, including goalies, playing on a team that is not paying the Team Fee, who does not pay the full season league dues or prorated dues depending on when they enter the league. No new faces allowed on any roster for the last 5 games of the regular season, unless approved by the league. A substitute on an individual paying team, is not eligible to play in playoffs unless they have played and paid for a minimum of 4 games. If the substitutes team qualifies for playoffs and the substitute is asked to play in playoffs, they must pay the sub fee of $20 for each game played in playoffs. If a team is paying the Team Fee, they may roster up to 18 skaters, only players who have played in 4 games or more are eligible for playoffs.

10.2 - SUBSTITUTE GOALIES FOR PLAYOFFS: Teams who are in need of a substitute goalie for a PLAYOFF game, MUST GET APPROVAL from the league or the team is subjected to a forfeit of that playoff game. Playoff sub goalies can only be from the same level or below. No goalie from the division above is eligible to sub unless approved by the league.

10.3 - SUBSTITUTE SUSPENSIONS: Any substitute player/goalie who is suspended will be suspended for the required subsequent games following the game in which that player was suspended and also be required to pay a fine of $20 per game suspended before being allowed to play again. If the league deems the sub was a "one and done" type sub, then the league may suspend the Team Rep for the amount of games intended for the sub player. This sub player will not be allowed to play while the team rep is suspended and be required to pay a $20 per game suspended before returning, even though the team rep has already sat their suspended games.

10.4 - SUBSTITUTES THAT ARE TOO GOOD FOR THE LEVEL: An opposing team rep may file a protest at any time during the game and if the League deems the accused player(s) of being too good for the level and/or the reasoning of accused player(s) being added to the team, falls outside the scope of the leagues fair play theory, The League may forfeit the game out right.


11.1 - GAME DAYS: Regular season games are scheduled on days based on divisions. However there may be times the league will have to schedule games on a day other than the "normal" day of games. We will do our best to keep all games on the day of the division, but may schedule games on an "off" day/night in order to keep the overall league season on pace to finish at the same time. Games may also be scheduled on non "major" holidays (ie: Easter, Super Bowl, Mother's Day, Father's Day, MLK weekend, Valentines Day).


12.1 - Teams may choose which division they want to play in. However, if the league feels the team is overskilled or underskilled for a particular division, the league has the right to move the team to the appropriate division. Or if a team cannot move to another day, the league will work with the Team Rep on how to make the team more suitable for that division, which will include removing player(s) from the roster.

12.2 - Should a team be moved to another division after the start of the season, the following adjustments will occur. When such event occurs, the team being moved up, will enter their new division with a .500 record or lower (depending on how many games had been played prior to the move). Should a team be moved down a division, their record will follow them in their new lower division.

12.3 - If the league feels a team is dominating a division 2 seasons in a row, the team may be required to move up a division or drop player(s) to fall back into the overall skill level of the rest of the teams. 


13.1 - COORDINATION: Color coordinated PRIMARY jerseys are required. Solid color jerseys are the preferred choice of The League when a matching custom team jersey is not chosen. Goalies must also wear a jersey that matches the main body color, however, a slight variation in colors may be accepted for goalies only. Each player must have a permanent number on their jersey. Teams may not have skaters with duplicate numbers, goalie exception. Substitute goalies do not need to conform to the jersey policy, but must make an attempt to wear the same or similar color jersey as the opposition when possible. Players with no number will not be credited with points received in a game. Penalty minutes however will be credited towards that player.

13.2 - PENALTY FOR JERSEY VIOLATIONS: Players not conforming to the jersey policy will not be credited with any points received in games where the violation occurs. Penalty minutes however will be credited to that player.

The league recommends the team rep carry extra conforming jersey(s) in the event of a player(s) forgetting their jersey. Attaching a permanent letter "X" in place of a number thus eliminating a possible duplicate number situation is suggested.

13.3 – ALTERNATE JERSEYS: We do not require teams to purchase a second set of jerseys. Alternate jersey numbers do NOT need to be the same as the players primary jersey number. In this case we request that a team representative assist the scorekeeper with identifying their players on the scoresheet. Non permanent (taped) numbers are NOT allowed on alternate jerseys. We also request that teams wearing alternate jerseys attempt to stay within one color scheme (referee discretion). Goalies alternate jersey does not need to have a number. Being the home team or away team does not determine which team wears light and which team wears dark. The schedule will indicate which team wears which color jersey.

13.4 - SUB GOALIES: A substitute goalie is not required to match the team color they are subbing for, however, substitute goalies must NOT wear the same or similar color jersey as the opposition when possible. Referees have the right to have the goalie change their jersey.


14.1 - Players and Teams are expected to make their league fee payments on or before the posted due dates. Requests for delay must be made by contacting the league.

14.2 - If a Team is "short" on season payments, the league may deem the team ineligible for playoffs, unless such deficiencies are made up prior to the playoffs.

14.3 - If a players is not paid in full prior to playoffs, they will not be allowed to play in playoff until such negative balance is paid in full.


15.1 - The league does not offer refunds once the season begins. Refunds may be granted prior to the teams first game. If a player registers and pays and the league is unable to place that player on a team or players who register and pay for a team that ends up folding, the league will refund fees paid. League credit may be offered under certain circumstances, contact the league office.


We here at the South Bay Inline Hockey League find it in our best interest to protect you, the hockey player, from serious injuries, and to make the game as fair as possible, so that you can get the maximum enjoyment of the game. While the league has no control over what a person does or says, we will do our best to discipline and take the proper actions to prevent a similar incident from happening again.

If the above policies are not followed to the satisfaction of The League, The League has the right to not allow a team, who would qualify for playoffs, not be allowed to participate in the playoffs and replace that team with the next team eligible for a playoff spot or allow the team to return for the following season(s). This includes teams that have outstanding league due balances.

If for any reason, you have difficulty understanding any of the rules and regulations in the preceding pages, do not hesitate to email or call the office.

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